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A sea surface drone
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Version and specs
ES1580 BICA Quantity :

BICA is a sea surface drone whose first mission is the destruction of free mines. Easy to implement, it is also ideal for reconnaissance missions or control of borders.


Technical specifications


  • Size: 174 x 27 x 33 cm
  • Weight : 40 kg
  • Velocity: 6 knots (mini)
  • 2 x independent propulsion modes : 2 main engines and 2 “pod” engines for 360° highmanoeuvrability
  • Demining payload up to 5 kg
  • Range more than 1.5 km according conditions


Vision system

  • 2 x wide-angle video cameras on board for a better approach to the mine


Operating specifications

Man-machine interface
  • 7’’ screen
  • Real time display video
  • Secured wireless transmission for control and blasting

Storage and carrying case

  • Peli™ Roto pack : 176,2 x 30,5 x 35,8 cm

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