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Extremely compact and lightweight solar panel
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Version and specs
ES763 IOWA 10W Quantity :
PowerFilm technology.

Extremely compact and lightweight solar panel. Designed for nomadic users needing a lightweight automous power supply. Foldable, it can be carried in a bag thanks to its compact size. Extremely easy to use, you only have to unfold the panel, orient it to the sun and connect it to the 12V equipment. Can be used to load electronic devices (with the 12V cigarette lighter socket) such as GPS, VHF, etc; to charge directly in 12V or to charge lithium, NiCad, NiMH accumulators.
Several IOWA panels can be directly connected thanks to a Y cable, in order to increase its charge capacity.
Water and UV resistant. No return diode.
Supplied with extension cord and cigarette lighter adapter.


- Unfolded: 52,1 x 58,4 x 0,15cm
- Folded: 26,1 x 8,9 x 3,5cm

Also available in 5W, 20W, 30W et 60W

NOTE : The PowerFilm was developped by the NASA for military and spatial applications. IOWA solar panels are robust, extremely stable and have a longer shelf life. Their cells are made of amorphous silicon and withstand high temperatures. Besides, amorphous silicon can produce electric energy from UV rays and isn't limited to visible light. Thus, IOWA solar panels can work even if the weather is cloudy or if there isn't much light.

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